9 Ways Successful Sales People Start Their Day

Notice how the title says, "9 Ways" versus "10 Successful Ways" to start a day.  I have spoken to many successful sales professionals throughout my career and have learned what they do each morning to start their day and have applied it to my s

ales job with great success.  Below is a list of 9 Ways that Successful sales people start their day.  Successful sales professionals do this consistently to get the best results in their sales career and there are also many other ways, but these are the ones that are usually mentioned.  Successful sales people as well as people in general have a time management system in place that focuses on sales productivity and results in sales success.  If you have any to share, please do leave a comment and share your morning best practices.


1: Get Up Early

Early bird gets the worm!  In sales, the ones who start their day early, usually get the most out of their day and are usually the ones that have great time management to allow them to have a full nights rest and are hardwired to rise up early automatically.  If you do not wake up early, you can learn how by changing your habits and by making an effort to rise early, and to take control of your sales day.

2:  Exercise

Successful sales professionals demand the time to have a workout schedule and stick with it on a consistent basis.  The most successful ones are the ones who get their exercise done early in the morning before they start their day.  With exercise, you will not only be healthier, but you will increase your energy level to use to make more sales.

3:  Review Calendar

You must know whats in store for you for the day, and the successful sales reps make it a habit to review their calendar and appointments in the morning before they start, to make sure they don't forget anything.

4:  Eat Breakfast

The most important meal of the day is usually eaten by the best sales professionals.  With a healthy exercise routine and healthy breakfast, it helps boost your metabolism and it provides you with the nutrients to push you throughout the day as you close sales, shake hands and bring in the revenue.

5:  Tackle the Tough Stuff First

Successful sales people, check their to-do list and take on the toughest things first.  This allows them the whole day to figure it out and to take care of the easier "to do" items that takes less time and effort throughout the day.  Tackle it early and make it a priority versus procrastinating and letting problems or issues linger.

6:  Set Goals

Having a goal for the day gives purpose to the day and fuels you with motivation and at the end of the day a sense of accomplishment and a way to measure your day.  Set a goal in the morning, and measure it at the end of the day.

7:  Stay Informed

Sales professionals talk to many people throughout the day and conversation is usually involved, so the latest news is something the successful sales reps are exposed to and can give their opinions or share newsworthy information to their clients.  These successful sales reps listen to the news, watch new reports on T.V. while getting ready or read the morning headlines by RSS or newspaper.


Positive sales professionals are usually successful as they approach their business with passion and look at solutions with a positive outlook.  Smile to begin the day with a positive note.

9:  Get Out The Door!

You cannot sell unless you get in front of the customers,  shake hands, close deals and build relationships.  The successful sales professional does all the above and still have time to get out of the door and into the marketplace before their competitors and are in front of their customers early.

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