The Job of the Sales Resume is to get you Job Interviews

Are you sending out your sales resume and not getting any calls for phone interviews or calls to get more information?  It might be your resume.  The resume is your external marketing brochure that piques the interest of the hiring sales manager and in many cases, the recruiter or HR manager looking for the best qualified candidates for a sales job opportunity.  As a hiring sales manager, I am usually given the top 10 candidates to do a phone screen.  I asked my internal recruiter how many resumes are usually submitted for a sales job, they say between 100 to 350 candidates.  That means about 90 to 340 other candidates competing for the same position did not even make it to me to review.  This is the reason why it is very important that your sales resume positions you as the best the candidate for the position.


A resume builder or cookie cutter resume just doesn't cut it!  I am telling you, it will usually not get passed the well written and optimized sales resume.  Lets just say that you are going for a six figure sales position, and you apply but don't get any interviews.  That resume is costing you thousands of dollars on a monthly basis.  Don't skimp out on your sales resume, because it is the information sheet that provides your skills and qualifications for the hiring sales manger.

Don't rely on resume builders that spits out the same looking sales resumes, because quite honestly, you will look like every other sales candidate out there.  Get a well written sales resume and tailor it to each sales job position you are going for.  Look at the job description to match key words, research the company and other current sales employees to find out what the hiring sales manager is looking for and how they got the job.  This might result in sending out fewer sales resumes, but the sales resumes you do send out, are of much higher quality and it has a better chance of landing in front of a hiring sales manager to want to call you to find out more.


The job of your sales resume is to get you sales job interviews, if it doesn't, then it would be crazy not to fire the current version and seek out an improved version.  I had a sales representative that was frustrated for months of sending out sales resume after another without getting a single phone call.  We worked on revamping and tailoring his sales resume and fired the old one.  Within weeks, he started getting phone calls for phone interviews and landing job interviews which eventually lead to a high paying sales job.  It is costing you lots of money sitting on a crappy sales resume.  Do yourself a favor and fire your sales resume if it is not doing its job.  Hire a professional resume writer that specialize in writing resumes to help you create a resume that gets results.

I highly suggest learning how to write and customize your own sales resume that produces results but if you don't have the time to learn and if you want results quickly, I would highly suggest seeking help from an expert.  The cost/investment of seeking a professional resume writer is well worth the loss of income.

So ask yourself this question:  "Am I getting calls for interviews?" -  If not, something is wrong and one of the main reasons could be your sales resume.  It is time to do something about it!  Either improve your sales resume yourself or hire a professional to help you out.  It is insane to keep sending out a resume that does not get results.

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