Linkedin for Sales Professionals: Call to Action!

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linkedin for sales reps

You spent time and built your Linkedin profile.  You added a professional image up, gave it a nice headline and filled it up with your professional background.  You then went ahead and added the professional contacts you have and then check in every once in a while.  It then just sits there as you go along your day(s) not giving it a second thought as to why you opened a LinkedIN account or who is taking a look. Maybe you are in the situation of needing a new job and you heard many sales recruiters are using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool.  You then scramble to put together a nice profile which serves as your online resume so to speak.   You then learn about optimizing your profile to be found by sales recruiters and possibly sales managers that are doing searches for sales talent.  You might get some hits here and there, but one of the key thing that is missing from a majority of LinkedIn profiles from sales professionals is a "Call to Action". What the heck is a call to action?  Well, if you are in sales, it is somewhat like a close.  Now you know that in sales, it is very important to close.  So why are you not closing on your professional linkedin profile?  Make things easier for the sales recruiter by letting us know what you want or how to contact you.  For example, you can put a simple line saying, "I am open to hearing about new sales career opportunities in the New York area.  I can be contacted at..."  you can have multiple ways of making a call to action on your profile.  Go take a good look at your profile and add a call to action, because without having one, it is just as bad as going to a sales call and not asking for the business.  If you took the time to build your Linkedin Profile, you might as well put some action behind it.  Who knows, you might be contacted with an opportunity that you would have otherwise never have heard about or known about.

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